Dangerous Mercury Levels in Dolphin Meat

The levels of mercury detected in Taiji residents were above the national average, but further tests have found no ill effects, according to the National Institute for Minamata Disease. The tests it conducted involved hair samples from 1,137 of the town’s approximately 3,500 residents.

Taiji Japan Dolphin Dangerous Mercury Levels in Dolphin Meat

“The results suggest there is a connection between hair mercury levels and eating cetaceans,” the institute’s director, Koji Okamoto, told reporters at the town hall.

Environmentalists have long protested against Taiji’s dolphin slaughter and Japan’s whaling activities and have taken up the mercury issue as part of their cause.

Taiji dolphin slaughter 3 Dangerous Mercury Levels in Dolphin Meat

“If you’re eating dolphin meat, you’re eating poison, and if you’re eating a lot of dolphin meat, you’re eating a lot of poison,” said Louis Psihoyos, the director of  The Cove.

About 100 Taiji residents who gathered this morning at a town-hall meeting were told that there was no need for most of them to change their diet, although future tests are necessary.

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