Breathtaking Brammo Empulse

First electric motorcycle was patented, believe it or not, in 1860s. This was just a patent and it never saw the light of day but it is interesting that this kind of vehicle existed in the 19th century.

Breathtaking Brammo Empulse 1 Breathtaking Brammo EmpulseIn 1911. according to one article published in the Popular Mechanics electric motorcycle was available to the market.

We already wrote about world’s fastest production electric motorcycle Mission Motors. Now it is time to present some other beautiful creations from the industry.

Breathtaking Brammo Empulse 2 Breathtaking Brammo EmpulseOne of these beauties are Empulse and Empulse R, Brammo bikes with breathtaking designs.

Both, Empulse and Empulse R, are packed with a 10.2-kWh lithium battery using nickel cobalt manganese (NCM) chemistry and both sporting a six-speed transmission with a multi-plate, hydraulic activated wet clutch. It’s not quite clear what is the difference between the two, though we imagine the “non-R” to be naked.

Breathtaking Brammo Empulse 3 Breathtaking Brammo EmpulseTop speed is given as 100 miles per hour plus for the R, while the potential range is laid out using three different scenarios. Driving at a constant 70 mph will take you 56 miles, a city/highway combination should net 77 miles, and pure city driving might keep you in the saddle for up to 121 miles.

Charging from empty can be achieved in eight hours or 3.5 hours if using a J1772, level 2 set-up.

Breathtaking Brammo Empulse j772 SAE Breathtaking Brammo Empulse

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