tajima ev racer 630 300x138 EV MINI SPORTUnveiled as part of the 1st EV & HEV Drive System Technology Expo in Tokyo this week, the EV Mini Sport weighs just 660 pounds and can use either lead acid batteries (for $2,500 extra) or lithium polymer batteries (at an additional price of $4,300). Those packs will push the little racer around for 25 kilometers with the lead acids or all the way to 90 km (range rated at 40 kilometers an hour).

The joy of feely being able to control the way a vehicle moves, turns and stops remains the same throughout our changing times. Our new machine-belonging to a category of micro cars that are gentle to humans and the environment, co-existing with nature is an ultimate zero emission light weight sports car, with a premium maneuvering sensation, never to have been had before.

The vehicle, technically a motorized bicycle, has a top speed of 70 kmh. Longer and two-seat versions are possible, should Tajima decide to export the EV Mini Sport outside of Japan. We admit it’s pretty sweet, but $23k for a batteries-not-included toy?

watch the video:

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  1. Kim Hatheway says:

    Cute but fast thing. liked it!

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