Reva NXR And NXG

The REVA Electric Car Company announced the price of the REVA NXR – which starts at 9,995 euros and also took the wraps off of the NXG, the company’s next electric vehicle that is due as a 2011 model.

The NXR, which stands for NeXr Reva (perhaps as a way to move away from some of the negative associations that the company’s G-Wiz has), is scheduled to go into production early 2010 and has a top speed of 65 mph with a 100-mile range. Standard charging takes eight hours, but the car can accept a quick charge in 90 minutes. The hatch can seat four, Reva says, and comes with the company’s REVive remote emergency charge (i.e. a way for Reva to use the car’s telematics to temporarily access more of the battery’s capacity than is usually available). Reva’s pricing structure for the NXR is flexible, with both purchase and lease options for the lead acid (called the NXR CIty) or lithium-ion batteries (NXT Intercity).

As for the NXG (NeXt Generation) above, it steps up where the NXR stops with a 125-mile range, 80 mph top speed and REVive. Pricing is expected to start at 23,000 euros. Interested customers can sign up at REVA’s new website and put down a refundable 500 euro claim today.

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