Make A Comic Book Wallet

If you like comics, like I do, and have an favorite superhero , take a look at this cool DIY wallet.


  1. 1 standard comic book (about 65⁄8 x 101⁄8 inches)
  2. Clear cellophane tape
  3. 1 package 17 inches2-yard iron-on vinyl
  4. Pencil


  1. Staple remover
  2. Scissors (or a rotary cutter or straightedge and self-healing mat)
  3. Iron and ironing board
  4. Coffee mug or can, approximately 3¾ inches in diameter
  5. Sewing machine
  6. Thread

Make A Comic Book Wallet Make A Comic Book WalletTake the staples out of the center of the comic book; separate the pages without tearing them.

Select one two-page spread plus one additional single page to make your “material.” Turn the pages right side down, then use a strip of cellophane tape to connect the two-page section to the single page, lining up the edges so they are flush. Trim off any extra tape. You will have made a rectangle that is approximately 20×10 inches.

Turn the material so it’s vertical, with the two-page spread section at the top. On the two-page section only, beginning at the top, fold the material forward and back to make a four-section accordion pleat.

Open the pleat. At the bottom end, fold up a 4-inch flap, then fold the accordion pleat back down. (It will cover part of the flap.)

Fold this bottom section up to make a 2½-inch flap. Make sure all creases are crisp.

Fold the wallet in half widthwise and crease. Unfold the wallet completely. Laminate the right side of the material with iron-on vinyl, following package instructions. When done, fold the wallet back up as it was before.

Make a cutout for credit cards: Mark an X in the center of the inside flap. Open the material completely again, and fold in half lengthwise. On the section where you’ve marked the X, use a curved edge, such as the bottom of a coffee mug, to draw an arc 1⅛  inch from the fold. With material still folded, cut out the credit card opening.

Fold the wallet back up, following folds and creases. Once the wallet is folded back up, stitch the side seams closed using a 1-inch seam allowance, backstitching at the beginning and end. Trim extra fabric on each side close to the stitching, and trim all threads.

Finished Measurements: 8 1⁄8 by 3 5⁄16 inches.

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