How To Become A Vegetarian

Are You trying to eliminate meat from your diet? Here are the few steps that can help you ease the transition in becoming a vegetarian.

First humans that walk the Earth were in fact vegetarians. They would pick fruits from trees, eat berries, and do a little farming. Later on, we started to hunt for feeding and clothing purposes.

Become A Vegetarian How To Become A VegetarianOn East, i.e., India, it is embedded in their culture to be vegetarians. In Europe, Pythagoras, Greek philosopher, was promoting vegetarian lifestyle, not only for moral reasons, but for health as well. He was one of the most known Greek mathematicians. First vegetarian society was created in Europe in 19th century.

Cutting off meat is not easy. Specially if you are addicted on junk food. Western Society is based on meat and meat products. In fact, meat is not only in steaks and burgers we eat. Meat is found in candies, cosmetics and clothes we carry. Eliminating meat has to be gradually. Try to reduce meat day by day, each day less and less. It will not be easy, but it is necessary for your health.

Become A Vegetarian 1 How To Become A VegetarianWhile you are eliminating meat, try to substitute it with fresh vegetables and grains. Each day, try to eat less and less meat and more and more vegetables. Fresh if you can.

Study Finds That Vegetarians Live Longer 300x185 How To Become A VegetarianTry to watch what you eat. Although you are eliminating meat, it doesn’t mean that you should eliminate proteins. Beans, seeds, grains, nuts and some other vegetables are great sources of proteins. Also, you can use a soy-based protein powder, combined with fruit and soy milk, to make a delicious shake or smoothie. There is a wide range of soy products out there, so you do not  need to settle for a plain block of tofu.

Although there is no mandate to give up dairy or eggs if you are giving up meat, do what feels right for you. If you think that you are eating same food all the time, mix in these products. But if you go meatless for a while, and want to try to go a little further (in terms of health, the environment, and helping animal suffering), consider these foods. For one thing, they are often high in saturated fat, especially compared to soy alternatives.

spinach pizza 150x150 How To Become A VegetarianExplore with new recipes. You do not have to eat fresh or cooked vegetables, only. If you like pizza, we have one delicious recipe for you. Also, if you like lasagnas… vegetarian lasagnas are one of my favorite meals. I liked them even when I ate meat. It is a light, tasty and healthy (up to a point) meal. You do not even have to have some special recipe. Be creative and prepare it with vegetables you like.

Visit local grocery store. Take your time exploring the shelves and do not be afraid to pick new things up to examine them further. Also ask a grocer for recommendations regarding an imitation meat. Just remember to be open to trying new things. Eventually you will find things you love.

And remember, you are not only doing this for your health, but for the health of your children, and not to mention the hygiene conditions and the torture your food is getting.


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  1. Paul says:

    Great article by Vegetarian Newbie once again.I have heard that Vegetarian Newbie have a new vegetarian lifestyle course coming out. Does anyone know when The Vegetarian’s Beginner’s Guide 30 Day Course will be released ?

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