True Or False: Homemade Beauty Treatments

There really are homemade beauty treatments that can help us and they are just a hand away.

But do all those remedies help us or are they just a bunch of baloney, continue to read and find out.

True Or False Homemade Beauty Treatments True Or False: Homemade Beauty TreatmentsDoes urine therapy help to clear up acne?

No, it doesn’t. Urine doesn’t have any antibacterial or anti-inflammatory agents. Directly from the bladder it is normally sterile. However, on its passage from the bladder to the outside world, urine becomes contaminated by bacteria normally present in the lower urethra and external genitalia. It is not an antiseptic. It will not kill infection or even fungus.

Does lemon juice make your hair brighter?

Yes it does. Lemon juice will lighten your hair if you expose yourself to sunlight. Then the sun’s UV rays will make your hair lighter.

True Or False Homemade Beauty Treatments 3 True Or False: Homemade Beauty TreatmentsDoes tannin from black tea help with the sunburns?

Yes it does. A combination of the cool water and components of the tea (tannin) help soothe the skin and speed recovery.

Healthy nailsTrue Or False Homemade Beauty Treatments 1 True Or False: Homemade Beauty Treatments

For healthy and stronger nails apply olive oil once a week.

Can we use olive oil for a hair growth?

No. Olive oil nourishes, conditions, and improves the strength and elasticity of your hair, but it doesn’t make it grow.

Can we use peppers for a hair growth?

Well, we do not know. Cayenne pepper has been used as a home remedie for all kinds of treatments, but we haven’t seen a study that supports this statement.

Is the hemorrhoid cream cure for puffy eyes?

Hemorrhoid cream causes the blood vessels to constrict, and the skin to tighten up. This chases the extra fluid build up out from under than delicate skin under your eyes, reducing the puffiness. But this is only a temporary fix.

Can we use mayo as a conditioner?

Well, we could. Fat and oils in mayonnaise condition damaged hair follicles, but with all that smell does it make any sense?

True Or False Homemade Beauty Treatments 2 True Or False: Homemade Beauty TreatmentsDo potatoes clear pimples and acne?

No they don’t. They have none of the ingredients needed to interact with them.

Does toothpaste clear pimples and acne?

The ingredients in toothpaste (menthol or alcohol) tend to dry your skin, which clears up the acne if left on the skin for a period of time. Look for a true toothpaste, not a gel. Remember, this is a temporary fix.

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