Europe’s Largest Solar Power Plant

The smallest country in the world recently announced that it intends to spend 660 million dollars to create what will effectively be Europe’s largest solar power plant. This massive 100 megawatt photovoltaic installation will provide enough energy to make the Vatican the first solar powered nation state in the world!

solar power plant vatican 300x200 Europes Largest Solar Power PlantThe Vatican is not exactly a large state, so its proposed solar plant will generate enough energy to power all of its 40,000 households. The installation will be located on a 740 acre site near Santa Maria di Galeria – the same place where the Vatican Radio’s transmission tower is located. The energy that it produces will be way above the needs of the entire Vatican, providing enough power to meet the needs of Vatican radio nine times over.

Last year, 2,700 solar panels donated by the German company SolarWorld were installed on the roof of the Paul VI auditorium. SolarWorld executives have also recently talked about the notion of building a low-carbon, electric popemobile, which a Vatican spokesperson described as a “brilliant idea”. Although the new solar project will go to public tender, SolarWorld’s chief executive officer Frank Asbeck is reported to have said: “We’re quite confident we’ll get the job.” Well, the Catholic Church has always been big on rewarding loyal devotion.

solar power plant europe largest 300x200 Europes Largest Solar Power PlantPerhaps the Vatican’s most noted environmental announcement, however, was made last year when Bishop Gianfranco Girotti, the head of the Apostolic Penitentiary, updated the cardinal vices – the seven social sins – by stating that Catholics “offend God not only by stealing, taking the Lord’s name in vain or coveting your neighbor’s wife, but also by wrecking the environment”. Let’s hope that hell and eternal damnation can be avoided, then, by all this recent good practice when it comes to environmental stewardship.

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