Solar Powered Recording Studio

Green music makers may be a driving force for social consciousness, with charitable benefit concerts, money contributions and bio-diesel buses, but recording studios are still a major offender of energy conservation.

Solar Powered Recording Studio Solar Powered Recording Studio

To offset the footprint of a music studio, be responsible stewards of environmental resources, and make great music; greening the studio is a monumental task. New England musician, Will Benoit plans to change that. He has always dreamed of building a recording studio. Benoit is the guitarist/vocalist for Boston-based band, Constants, and is the co-founder of Radar Recordings, an independent artist collective and record label. He recently announced his intention to create the first solar powered, eco-friendly recording facility in New England.

Benoit’s music and his life is already green. His band runs their bus on waste vegetable oil. He and his wife are vegetarians with composting gardens, and solar panels on his home. Their intention to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible, Benoit wants to build a green studio and is hoping to share recording options with other musicians.

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  1. Christina says:

    That’s really cool that Will Benoit wants to build a green studio in England. Here in the states, we have Tree Sound Studios which is an incredibly green studio.

  2. Robert says:

    What he may not know is that there is a recording studio not ten minutes from where his intended solar powered studio is planned.this studio is called Dirt Floor,and i believe the owner,Eric Lichter,is planning on going solar as well..

  3. ForUsToBe says:

    Cool, let him know to contact us when he had finished his solar studio :)

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